Machine Elements: Life and Design by Boris M. Klebanov

Machine Elements: Life and Design by Boris M. Klebanov

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Design of Machine Elements Ebook

Book Title : Machine Elements: Life and Design
Author(s)  : Boris M. Klebanov, David M. Barlam, Frederic E. Nystrom
Publisher  : CRC Press
Edition     : 2007e
Pages        : 454
PDF Size   : 11.7 Mb
Book Description:
Machine Elements: Life and Design book by the authors Boris M. Klebanov, David M. Barlam, Frederic E. Nystrom Focuses on how a machine ‘feels’ and behaves while operating, the book seeks to impart both intellectual and emotional comprehension regarding the life of a machine. Book presents a detailed description of how machines elements function, seeking to form a sympathetic attitude toward the machine and to ensure its wellbeing through more careful and proper design.
Table of Contents:
Part 1: Deformation and Displacements
Chapter 1: Deformation in Mechanisms and Load Distribution over the Mated surfaces of Parts
Chapter 2: Movements in Rigid connections and damage to the joint surfaces
Chapter 3: Deformations and stress patterns in Machine components
Part 2: Elements and units of Machines
Chapter 4: Shafts
Chapter 5: Shaft-to-Hub connection
Chapter 6: Supports and Bearings
Chapter 7: Gears
Chapter 8: Gear design
Chapter 9: Housings
Chapter 10: Bolted Connections
Chapter 11: Connections of Units
Part III: Life prediction of  Machine parts
Chapter 12: Strength of metals
Chapter 13: Calculation for strength
Chapter 14: Finale
Download Link (PDF)
Download Link (PDF)
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