Turbomachinery Design and Theory by Rama S. R. Gorla

Turbomachinery Design and Theory by Rama S. R. Gorla

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Ebook Prime Movers and Fluid Machines

Book Title : Turbomachinery Design and Theory (Mechanical Engineering)
Author(s)  : Rama S. R. Gorla, Aijaz A. Khan
Publisher   : CRC Press
Edition      : First
Pages        : 404
PDF Size    : 2.84 Mb
Book Description:
Turbomachinery Design and Theory (Mechanical Engineering) by Rama S. R. Gorla, Aijaz A. Khan eBook covers theory and design of turbomachines with procedures and worked-out solved examples. This reference book emphasizes fundamental principles and construction guidelines for enclosed rotators and contains at the end of each chapter problem and solution sets, design formulations and equations for a clear understanding of key aspects of turbo machining function, selection, assembly, and construction.
Table of contents:
1. Introduction: Dimensional Analysis – Basic Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
2. Hydraulic Pumps
3. Hydraulic Turbine
4. Centrifugal Compressors and Fans
5. Axial Flow Compressors and Fans
6. Steam Turbines
7. Axial Flow and Radial Flow Gas Turbines
8. Cavitation in Hydraulic Machinery Appendix
The International System of Units (SI)
Thermodynamic Properties of Water
Thermodynamic Properties of Liquids
Thermodynamic Properties of Air
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