Basics and Applied Thermodynamics by P.K Nag

Basics and Applied Thermodynamics by P.K Nag

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Ebook Thermodynamics

Book Title : Basics and Applied Thermodynamics
Author(s)  : PK Nag
Publisher   : Tata McGraw Hill
Pages       : 781
PDF Size   : 41.8 Mb
Book Description:
Basics and Applied Thermodynamics by P.K Nag provides a comprehensive exposure to the basic principles and concepts of  Thermodynamics and their real-life applications. Updated with the new chapters, enhanced topical coverage and added pedagogical features, it helps learner learn in most effective and focused manner.
Book Salient Features:

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Exhaustive pedagogy includes:

228 solved examples
641 review questions
591 problems
65 objective-type questions

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