Box2D subreddit

Box2D subreddit

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I’m now a moderator on the Box2D subreddit. So I think this makes it the official!
I look forward to seeing Box2D discussion on reddit.

The Finite Element Method with An Introduction Partial Differential Equations by A.J Davies
Thursday February 15, 2018

Book Title : The Finite Element method with An introduction with partial differential equations Author(s)  : A.J Davies Publisher   : Oxford Edition      : Second Pages        : 308 PDf size    : 1.82 MB Book Description: The finite element method is a technique for solving problems in applied science and engineering. The […]

GitHub Hosting
Monday July 13, 2015

Google project hosting is closing down. I have moved the Box2D repository to GitHub: here. This is the third site to host Box2D: SourceForge -> Google -> GitHub