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It’s that time of year again! Games for Change is excited to announce the launch of the 2019 G4C Student Challenge Competition. Students across the country have been working hard all year to design and code digital games focused on social impact themes. Starting today through April 1st, students will be able to share their work for the chance to win national recognition and a bevy of cool prizes, including a $1,000 Grand Prize Scholarship from Take-Two Interactive!

How to transform a plane
Wednesday September 05, 2018

Suppose you have a plane equation in local space and you’d like to express that plane equation in world space. The plane in local space is written as: [ P := (n, w) ] where (n) is the plane normal and (w) is the plane offset. A point (x) is on the plane if [n […]

We invite all middle and high school students in our participating cities of Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York City to submit their games for consideration. Games must be about one of this year’s Student Challenge themes: Automated Communities 2050, Disrupt Aging: Implications of Living 100 and Endangered Species. NYC students can also submit games that address a fourth theme: Envision Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Làm đẹp cuối tuần
Saturday April 27, 2019

Game Lam dep cuoi tuan – Chơi game thời trang Làm đẹp cuối tuần online miễn phí mới nhất 24h y8 2019 Thể loại: game thoi trang Giới thiệu game Lam dep cuoi tuan Game Làm đẹp cuối tuần là một trò chơi thời trang rất hay dành cho bạn gái. Briar là một thành viên […]

Each game will be evaluated by panels of industry jurors on Gameplay, Originality, Use of Theme, and Wow Factor. Winners will be recognized at the middle school and high school level for each theme in each participating city. More information on award categories, evaluation criteria, game guidelines and student eligibility can be found on the competition portal website: bit.ly/g4c_challenge

Rapunzel chia tay Flynn
Monday April 29, 2019

Game Rapunzel chia tay Flynn – Chơi game công chúa tóc mây Rapunzel chia tay với bạn trai hoàng tử Flynn online miễn phí hay nhất 24h y8 2019 Thể loại: game ban gai, game hoat hinh Giới thiệu game Rapunzel chia tay Flynn Game Rapunzel chia tay Flynn là một trò chơi rất hay dành […]

At the end of it all, we will invite all Student Challenge participants to a live awards ceremony in each city to celebrate the incredible work of our finalists and cohort educators. Awards Ceremony dates will be announced in the upcoming weeks and posted on our Events Page.

Good luck, and let the games begin!

1) Visit the competition portal: bit.ly/g4c_challenge
2) Create an account
3) Complete the entry form and hit ‘SUBMIT’


February 1 – Submission portal opens
April 1 – Deadline for all game submissions is 11:59 pm ET.
April/May – Judges evaluate game submissions. Finalists notified in May.
May/June – Winners announced / prizes awarded at Awards ceremonies in each city.

Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles:
(1) Automated Communities 2050 (2) Endangered Species (3) Disrupt Aging: Implications of Living 100

New York City: (1) Automated Communities 2050 (2) Endangered Species (3) Disrupt Aging: Implications of Living 100 (4) Envision Gender Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
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