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The Finite Element Method with An Introduction Partial Differential Equations by A.J Davies

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Book Title : The Finite Element method with An introduction with partial differential equations
Author(s)  : A.J Davies
Publisher   : Oxford
Edition      : Second
Pages        : 308
PDf size    : 1.82 MB
Book Description:
The finite element method is a technique for solving problems in applied science and engineering. The essence of this eBook is the application of the finite element method to the solution of boundary and initial-value problems posed in terms of partial differential equations. The method is developed for the solution of Poisson’s equation, in a weighted-residual context, and then proceeds to time-dependent and nonlinear problems. The relationship with the variational approach is also explained. The Finite Element Method with An introduction partial differential equations by A.J Davies book is written at an introductory level, developing all the necessary concepts where required. Consequently, it is well-placed to be used as a book for a course in finite elements for final year undergraduates, the usual place for studying finite elements. There are many worked examples throughout and each chapter has a set of exercises with detailed solutions.
Table of Contents:

Historical introduction
Weighted residual and variational method
The finite element method for elliptic problems
Higher-order elements: the isoparametric concept
Further topics in the finite element method
Convergence of the finite element method
The boundary element method
Computational aspects

Appendix A Partial differential equation models in the physical sciences
Appendix B Some integral theorems of the vector calculus
Appendix C A formula for integrating products of area coordinates over a triangle Contents
Appendix D Numerical integration formulae
Appendix E Stehfest’s formula and weights for numerical Laplace transform inversion

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